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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

General Terms and Conditions of the Fundacion World Peace Community (in formation)

WPC (Foundation)

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

der Fundacion World Peace Community (in Gründung)

(zur Zeit nicht eingetragene gemeinnützige Fundacion)

07157 Port de Andratx Mallorca Calle Olivera 35
in Vorbereitung der Gründung zu einer im Register eingetragenen Fundacion)


Dieter Walter Liedtke is the founder of the World Peace Community (WPC), a humanitarian peace, art, research and business network that is in principle accessible to all people. The WPC partners are to be able to earn their living with the ethical idea of peace by distributing Codigo Universo products. The art, research and business partners have set themselves the task of jointly building a peace, prosperity and creativity promoting information network for art, science and society information, which will be accessible via the Codigo Universo formula, art open art exhibitions and the planned internet portal and to prepare information graphically and visually in such a way that it becomes accessible to all population groups and to contribute to a positive development of the individual and society, also through the peace projects Globalpeace Campus and through media clarifications and complaints against the violations of the constitutions and human rights of the UN Charter.

Art and the creativity enhanced by the use of Codigo Universo contribute to the improved prosperity of the population as well as to a more developed medicine and peace in the world.

As foundation capital, the founder and artist, at the time of the foundation of the Fundacion, transfers an original work of art created by him for 1,000,000 Euros. The artwork is on loan to the Liedtke Fundacion in Port de Andratx Calle Olivera with a permanent loan contract and is exhibited in the Liedtke Museum.

Articles of Association and General Terms and Conditions

The World Peace Community is a non-profit organization and exclusively and directly promotes art, the understanding of art and creativity in the population through the Codigo Universo, the Globalpeace Campus project through targeted innovation and peace promotion as well as membership recruitment. Members support the Museum Fundacion Liedtke, the World Peace Community voluntarily according to their possibilities in the organization and production of: organizing art exhibitions, public relations work, art festivals, scientific lectures, seminars, studies, documentations, archives and catalogues, contributions for print media and for electronic media, films, internet portals, contract developments, brochures, texts, densities, website production, games, apps, software programming and excursions as well as preparing legal actions against violations of UN human rights and the constitutions of countries.

Natural persons and companies of any legal form can become members. Membership can be terminated at any time. The exclusion from the Fundacion without notice is possible if the member does not act ethically towards third parties or if he/she violates the statutes. The office of the Fundacion in foundation is Calle Olivera 35 Museo Liedtke Puerto Andratx, Mallorca, Spain.

The family members of the founder Dieter Walter Liedtke provide the advisory board of the board.

The board is elected by the members with a simple majority from the family members of the founder. The board of directors works on an honorary basis.

The founding director for is Dieter Walter Liedtke.

  1. An annual premium of 19,- Euro is expected. For members still in training (e.g. pupils, students, young artists) the annual fee is reduced to a symbolic amount of 1 Euro. Honorary members, mentors are exempt from paying the membership fee. Licence partners or ethics advisors of Codigo Unioverso Holding Invest SA pay a voluntary membership fee which they determine themselves.

  2. Members receive free entrance to events of the Museo Liedtke and access to new research results of the Fundacion Liedtke in Port de Andratx. Members who are active as artists have the opportunity to present their art as a performance or happening in events of the Café aimeim of the Museo Liedtke.
    The place of jurisdiction is Palma de Mallorca and Spanish law is agreed.

  3. The general meeting takes place every 1 to 5 years at the request of the board or by request of 25% of the members at the seat of the association.
    For reasons of simplification, translations in other languages will also be made. However, in case of legal disputes only the Spanish version is valid. Oral agreements must be in writing to be valid. This also applies to this written form requirement.

  4. If individual paragraphs of these statutes or of the entry to the Fundacion should be or become invalid, the legal validity of the statutes is not affected. In this case, the invalid paragraphs shall be replaced by legally valid paragraphs which come closest to the replaced paragraphs in economic terms. The same applies to gaps in the statutes which are prescribed by law for a foundation.

For the time being, the foundation is in the process of being established and is not registered in the Register of Fundacions. The Fundacion is to be registered with 1000 founding members as a non-profit foundation with the name Fundacion World Peace Community in Spain. For the registration of the non-profit foundation, with the present statutes, the applicant as a founding member of the Fundacion World Peace Community gives his consent with his signature in this application. The founding statutes will be revised and adopted by, in voting and by simple majority of the founding members present, according to the laws of Spain.

Liedtke-Museum in Port d‘Andratx